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2-layer Rotating Petal Candy Snack Box


  • Choose from 3 different colors, in two sizes…

Party accessories

  • Store snacks, such as: dried fruits, nuts, fries, olives, fruits, etc.

Rotary switch

  • Gently twist the switch above the fruit plate to open or close the fruit plate.
Double layer 10 grid rotating candy box
Size: The diameter of the lowerlayer is 42CM after unfolding, the diameter of 27CM after closing, the diameter of the upper layer is 36CM after unfolding, and the diameter of 22CM after closing.

Single layer five grid rotating fruit plate
Size: 42CM when unfolded, 27CM when closed, height 8.5CM
Healthy materials
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Package Content:
* 1 x Candy Storage Box